Headhunters, also recruiters

is someone who places suitable personnel with employers and usually receives a commission from the employer for this. The term headhunter, in German language usage personal mediation or headhunting (or direct search) stands for the targeted service in the context of filling open positions in companies, also called vacancies. This type of service was developed at the end of the 20th century and has now established itself as an independent industry. Recruitment or headhunting is used to find and acquire hard-to-find personnel or specialists for specific industries. Headhunters work in the so-called “hidden job market” to recruit staff and try to fill vacancies that cannot be found in public advertisements. As an executive search company or personnel consulting company, we also use online platforms to find possible candidates.

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Recruitment is different from job placement

Recruitment is funded by the employer and is designed to meet their demand for workers who are in general shortage due to difficult-to-obtain skills or requirements. The employment service is used by jobseekers who are having difficulty finding suitable work. Funding is provided by the job seeker in the case of private employment agencies or by the public sector in the case of public authorities set up to reduce unemployment and thus social spending. addexpert’s excellently networked headhunters will find specialists and managers for your highest requirements. With our carefully cultivated relationships with selected companies and staffing experts in all regions, we are your direct route to the excellent staff you need. After the needs analysis has been carried out, possible target groups are automatically selected by our tool. The recruitment agency then completes the application process up to the conclusion of the contract and often beyond. The recruitment process includes the following steps:

Assessment of needs and definition of the target group

Approaching potential candidates and comparing the skills with the requirement profile
Pre-selection of applicants and organization of the application process

Our assessment center

Support from our HR department until the contract is signed

The respective proportion of service during and after the application process is agreed individually, depending on requirements and varies greatly. While individual points differ from case to case, recruiters roughly follow the above process.

Specialists and managers for every need

We are here to meet your professional and executive needs. Finding the right people for the job is a difficult and time-consuming process. Building a team takes time and money, but hiring an outside consultant for each individual task is financially prohibitive and tedious. Today, with ever-increasing competition and job market volatility, it’s harder than ever to find the best people with the right skills to make your business a success. Employees need constant training and development, but with so many issues encountered in any hiring process, training is disrupted or non-existent. Finding talent has never been easier with Addexpert’s hiring solutions! The availability of specialists and managers at the right time is a key factor in your company’s success. Using well-founded and proven recruiting methods, we support you in defining complex job profiles in order to place the search on a solid basis from the outset. Our nationwide network of industry contacts guarantees constant market access for the targeted search for specialists and executives with rare qualifications. If required, we can organize a workshop in Lucerne or at a location of your choice in order to precisely coordinate the strategy for the headhunter assignment.

Always one step ahead thanks to continuous process optimization

Faster, smarter talent acquisition – addexpert has redefined and continuously developed all processes of personnel search and recruitment in order to always meet the challenges of the modern job market. Recruitment is a time-consuming process that should be done faster. It’s time to try something new and efficient. With our many years of experience, our valuable contacts and our comprehensive knowledge of methods, we are excellently positioned to effectively support you as a headhunter in your search for personnel in Lucerne and beyond. We have various AI-powered tools that use big data and intelligent algorithms to match talent with your needs. It does all the work for you.

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