IntroPers is a combination of employee coaching and organizational consulting, with the aim that new employees are optimally introduced to their work and working environment. With tried and tested standards, tools and methods, the different expectations and needs of all participants are compared and adapted as required. Also the communication hurdles or misunderstandings typical for an introduction phase are reduced to a minimum or even eliminated. With IntroPers, our experienced consultants also generate insights and inputs that positively influence the team, the department and the management.


Culture Fit

  • Cultural fit analysis before or during the recruitment process
  • Determination of the corporate culture profile and mentality factors
  • Determination of risk factors including possible effects
  • Comparison of responsibilities and motivators
  • Preventive development of measures and proposals

Work & Fit

  • Introductory coaching during the probationary period (3Mt)
  • Involvement of management, superiors and teams
  • Recording and comparison of mutual expectations
  • Implementation of measures regarding processes and communication
  • Empowerment for motivation and performance

Goals & Benefits

Team development and/or potential promotion.
Performance & Process Optimization (Employees & Team).
Workshop, Mediation & Conflict Resolution (at all levels).
Concepts and development regarding cultural issues.
No double burden for internal/own resources (godfather).

Prevention and protection against team or work conflicts.

Increasing the motivation and performance of the new employee.

Increase of the employer reputation on the market.

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