Job Assessment

A methodical approach 

In order to define many-faceted or complex job profiles, an analysis by external consultants usually provides security. Using dedicated methods specially developed for the purpose, those involved, such as HR officers or line managers are questioned. Here, taking account of developments and a variety of effects over the next 2-3 years can have a major impact and usually changes the original perception of the job profile.

Initially, a market analysis is used, which shows the degree of difficulty and thus provides the basis for deciding on the right candidate market (local, national, international) or the need for a profile adjustment.

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Fast Facts

  • Jobs with multilayered requirements
  • Focus on aims and trends
  • Only together with HR and line managers
  • Carried out by addexpert consultants​
  • Immediate evaluation involving all participants​

Aims and benefits

  • Embracing the relevant factors (big picture)
  • Incorporating time-based changes
  • Precise definition of different role mixes
  • Reliable weighting of the required competences
  • Maximum risk reduction in respect of task development
  • Addressing the actual attractiveness of the job
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