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Reto Schürch

Head Digital Transformation

01 Nov 2023

Careum promotes education in health and social care through innovation and development. The Careum Campus with the Careum Foundation and the educational centers is located in the middle of Zurich's university district. From vocational training to universities of applied sciences, Careum offers education and research in health and social care. In addition, Careum is home to a publishing house and an eBook company. Careum brings together experts from the fields of education and health, students and patients, and promotes discussion of current health and education trends through events. Careum is an important place of learning and an innovative educational engine for a better health world.  

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Reto Schürch: For the vacancy ICT coordinator/project manager within the Careum Foundation, we engaged addexpert. Thanks to the external help, we were able to clearly define the technical requirements as well as the personality in order to achieve a sustainable solution. For the on-site clarification, addexpert involved an ICT specialist who contributed decisively to the clarification. We quickly received suitable candidate proposals, which ultimately led to the placement. The recruiting process was well and competently supported. Our customer requests were taken up at any time and integrated into the search process. The process was goal-oriented and efficient. We will gladly rely on addexpert’s know-how in the future.

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